Edith Piaf: My top three favorite usages in film

August 3, 2010 // Posted in Uncategorized  

Saving Private Ryan – This one is particularly moving.  During a rest in a battle, the troops discuss the lyrics of Edith Piaf and reveal their understanding of emotions and memories of beautiful women.  Their comments echo the lyrics translated from french, as the music echos through the ruins.

La Haine – There is something about DJ Cut Killer’s blending Edith Piaf with KRS-One’s “Sound Of The Police” that fits perfectly in a french ghetto.  The shot is made especially wonderful by the slowly increasing echo of the music through the tenemant buildings.  What a great shot paired with an excellent blend of music.

Inception – An interesting take on the usage of “Non Je Ne Regrette Rien” as source for sound design in the recently released movie Inception.  Very clever stuff!

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  • Roman says:

    Better take Dashiell Hammett off that list. Wasn’t he paired off with Lillian Helman in a tuoultumus relationship involving alcoholism and womanizing? Writing can be done daily or in spurts no longer than a weekend or a month leaving someone relatively free to indulge in licentious living. Probably someone who pursues another career in order to maintain a stable income will demonstrate more discipline and restraint. Among Poets, Wallace Stevens who maintained a corporate career seems to have been very stable. He makes a stark contrast to Sylvia Plath who doesn’t even seem to have taught at the college level. I’ve noticed erratic, impulsive behavior can be a trait of politicians and preachers as well. Something you don’t necessarily expect but there they are, Clinton, Jim Baker, Giuliani, Ann Richards (RIP) along with all those who haven’t been indiscreet enough to get caught.

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