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Free 8 Bit Plugs

November 15, 2006 // Posted in Audio Software, Software, Uncategorized  |  No Comments

There are two soft synths that I’ve become a fan of recently. The first one is Magical 8bit Plug by YMCK. This one sounds amazingly close to the original Nintendo sound chip. Closer than anything else I’ve ever heard from software. It’s easy to use and is pretty lightweight on the processor load. It’s available as a VSTi and Audio Unit plug-in.
The second soft synth I’ve been enjoying is Chip32. It also has an 8 bit sound similar to the NES sound chip. One cool feature of Chip32 is that it gives the user the ability to draw the waveform, updating it in real time. Brad from New Grey Area turned me on to this one and I’ve been using it for a number of electro tracks I’ve been working on. Also available as a VSTi and Audio Unit.


Cool Firefox IE Plug-in

November 13, 2006 // Posted in Software  |  No Comments

Firefox IE Tab

Firefox IE Tab

So I really don’t like sharepoint. I find it to be cumbersome and I have to use it for work. This sucks because sharepoint only works in Explorer and I don’t like using Explorer due to it’s lack of tabbed browsing. So just a few days ago I discovered this neat little plug-in that emulates Explorer within Firefox. This allowed me to use all of my sharepoint tools in a much more user friendly interface. Yay for the Firefox IE Tab! Check it out here…

Hello world!

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So I just got this website up and running, and I’m optomistic about the future. Last night I got a buddha box and it’s RAD! Check it out at

FM3 Buddha Box

FM3 Buddha Box