Modern Ads For Discontinued Technology

September 14, 2013 // Posted in Culture, Marketing, Security, Uncategorized  |  4 Comments

Walking down the street the other day, I happened upon a small store in my neighborhood called Rare Medium that specializes in selling refurbished instant cameras.  It occurred to me that the instant camera market is likely one of the most difficult markets that there is, given the rapid ascension of camera phones linked with […]

Security Through Hilarity: Statistics on funny ID photos

August 29, 2013 // Posted in Culture, Marketing, Security  |  2 Comments

Like me, you may have also observed that many employees of retail and restaurant businesses don’t look at the picture on a bank card when it’s handed to them during a transaction.  When they do, they often glaze over it out of habit.  The key to having a more secure bank card is not simply […]

Does Targeted Advertising Work? My campaign to earn one click

August 12, 2013 // Posted in Marketing, Security, Software (Tags: ) |  2 Comments

I recently became more interested in the world of marketing.  As such, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the nuts and bolts of targeted advertisement.  As an experiment to see if targeted advertisement works, I started a project to get one specific person, and only that person, to click on a banner […]

Current Listening: Nancy Jacobs 1950’s Africa

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Recently I attended a Paul Simon concert.  What I’ve appreciated about his music are the many styles he’s brought to the table, especially in his Graceland album.  After going to his concert, I started researching some of the bands that inspired him.  In learning about the Boyoyo Boys, I stumbled across a great track called […]

Current Listening: Glitch Mob does Tron

December 23, 2010 // Posted in Current Listening, music, Uncategorized, Visualization  |  1 Comment

It looks like Glitch Mob is getting into the act alongside of Daft Punk with a remix of “Derezzed,” one of the best tracks off of the recent Tron soundtrack. The combination of sounds and visuals effectively blends the line between musical elements and sound effects in this video. Check out the usage of motorcycle […]