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Mini Theremin and Analog Synth Kits

March 6, 2010 // Posted in Audio Hardware  |  2 Comments

As an Interactive Audio Designer, I explore world of sound in many different ways.  On Thursday afternoon I got a text message from my girlfriend saying that a package had arrived for me from Japan.  I had recently purchased two hobby kits.  A Gakken Mini Theremin and Gakken SX-150 Analog Synthesizer.  That night, before I […]

Design Outside the Box – Jesse Schnell (DICE 2010)

February 28, 2010 // Posted in Culture, Gaming  |  No Comments

I found this presentation on game design to be rather thought provoking.  Jesse Schnell touches on interesting concepts and compelling statistics in the current state of game design.  He also delves into a rather intriguing view of the future where gameplay is used as a method of large scale behavioural influence.  It moves rather quickly […]

Text-to-movie: Storyboard of the future?

February 6, 2010 // Posted in Audio Software, General, Software, Visualization  |  No Comments

Text-to-speech systems have been in development for a very long time.  One that I use frequently for creating placeholder dialog in games is the AT&T Labs Natural Voices text-to-speech demo.  It’s a free service that enables the user to type out any phrase and then download an audio file with that phrase spoken by any […]

What you see is what you hear: Pulp Fiction remixed

November 1, 2009 // Posted in Audio Software, Culture, Software, Visualization  |  No Comments

In the past two years or so, we’ve been seeing more and more videos where people sample video and audio in combination and sequence them in interesting ways. This most recent video however, takes a very new approach.  Using Pulp Fiction as source material, the editor of this video created a 6 part montage of […]

What kind of music do you spin?

July 16, 2009 // Posted in Audio Software, Culture, General, iPhone stuff, Uncategorized (Tags: , , ) |  1 Comment

For DJs of electronic music, one of the biggest challenges is how to describe the music you play.  The Chickenhed Stylemaker machine is a solution to that problem.  It can also be used for inspiration.  Perhaps Chickenhed Stylemaker is the new Oblique Strategies? Thanks to Jerry Abstract for the tip!