Sound Visualization Using the Elements: Part 3 – Liquid

May 26, 2009 // Posted in Audio Hardware, Culture, Visualization  

Ferrofluid (Magnetic Fluid)

I find ferrofluid to be fascinating.  Ferrofluid is a fluid which polarizes in the presence of a magnetic field.  This means that if you send a magnetic burst through it, you can create a visible ripple.  With steady magnetic fields, you could sculpt the liquid into any form imaginable!  As soon as the magnetic field is gone, the liquid loseWeight Exercises it’s form.

I’d imagine that it was the inspiration for Terminator 2.
“LiquidAudio was a course project for ECE362 at Purdue University. It takes in an audio signal from a standard stereo jack and outputs the average amplitude of 5 frequency bands in a pool of ferrofluid.

This video demonstrates the project to the music of “Wildcat” by Ratatat. ”

More Ferrofluid


This is an excellent demonstration of Faraday waves. Faraday waves are standing waves that appear on liquids encased in a vibrating container. As the frequency of vibration changes, so does the visible pattern on the surface of the water.

Non-Newtonian Fluid
Water and corn starch on a speaker. Non-Newtonian fluid behaves as a liquid until force is exerted on it, in which case it behaves like a solid. By placing non-newtonian fluid on a subwoofer, the rapidly oscillating pressure waves cause the fluid to splash very slowly.

If you filled a pool with non-newtonian fluid, you could run across it and swim in it!

Next element: Light projected Imagery

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  • Arlac says:

    summer, [Sean] at the Philly hackerspace Hive76 did some eirepxments with ferrofluids. For these eirepxments [Sean] prepared a bunch of magnetite from rusty iron screws. In the process

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